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The PNE Playland amusement park will spend an impressive amount of 120,000,000 for the expansion and design of the Disney-style park. Informally, the project is called Disneyland in Vancouver. However, do not expect lightning-fast changes. According to the portal DailyHive.com, the project will be divided into 2 phases with a duration of 10 years. Phase 1 improvement of the current territory, Phase 2 expansion. The park will increase from 6 to 8.9 hectares! It is planned to add 5-7 new sections, with its own unique features, and in each section there will be thematic attractions, games, cafes and entertainment.

The following sections are currently being considered: Main Street, Adventure Land, Fisherman’s Village (Coastal Village), Urban Area (The District), Park (The Park), and a special area for children (Kids Playce) Now about each section in order:  It will be a new entrance with walking paths in the very center of the park, along which cafes, terraces, shops and games will be located. The buildings will be made in the style of the west coast (WestCoast). The roller coasters that are currently in the park will be removed and replaced with new rides (including upgraded roller coasters).

The Land of Adventure is one of those zones that you plan to place in the expansion zone. It will be a wooden fortress with bridges and suspended platforms, various attractions. Chip design will be the forest floor, various stone products, as well as small waterfalls. This section will also be located in the zone that is planned to expand. It is planned to make it in the style of a fishing village, decorated with fish nets, boats and piers for fishing. Of course, new attractions will be placed. New high-speed roller coaster deserve special attention.

This section will be made in the urban style with elements of shipbuilding plants and ports of Vancouver, metal panels, steel containers, as well as brick facades. Here they will place a “station” for graffiti, a wall for climbing, a laser tag and much more. This section will be created for small children, where there will be a world of magnified things, decorated with bright colors and geometric shapes. Thematic sections and Hastings Park (HastingsPark’sFestivalMeadows). It will be a green area with various cafes and restaurants. Design elements include curved walls, fountains and unique futuristic lighting. Recall that Playland Amusement Park is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is located on the territory of Hastings Park (Hastings Park) and is the oldest amusement park in Canada. Playland is a paradise for both adults and children. Visiting the park, you will definitely find entertainment for yourself. Despite the fact that Playland is considered one of the oldest places in Vancouver (the discovery was already in the distant 1910), its size has never increased, despite the large population growth. Moreover, many complain about the quality and the rides. What do you think about these changes?