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It doesn’t matter if you just moved to Washington state or have been living there for several years and want to boast amazing nature to visiting friends. Well, we recommend starting with this list of obligatory hiking routes. How exactly were the routes selected from the hundreds of incredible paths that this state has to offer? It was difficult, but if you consider everything listed as a whole, a good full-fledged picture of diverse local wildlife emerges. Location: Cascade Mountains, eastern slope. Both ways: 12 miles. 7200 feet Best time to visit: July October

The favorite route of local hikers, where you can spend a day or a week on a journey through the highland expanses. Climb up to the local peaks, visit monuments on the Canadian border, or relax in a comfortable place and watch the marmots. You can spend the night counting the stars. Location: Cascade Mountains, western slope Return distance: 7.5 miles. Rise (starting at the beginning of the route): 2,200 feet. Highest elevation: 5,450 feet. Best time to visit: late summer and autumn

A stunning route through the highlands of the Cascade Mountains to the south of Mount Baker. Go here for a day or, if you wish, for a few nights. It is advisable to do this in late summer or autumn, when the terrain is replete with colors, in which it is painted foliage. This route can be taken both from point A to point B, and in a circle. The duration of the visit also has flexibility: it is possible for a day, or you can stay longer. You can be sure there are plenty of species here. Snow in places is delayed right up to the late days of summer. We recommend grabbing the map, as there are several circular routes through which you can get back to the parking lot to your car. Location: central part of the Cascade Mountains, Stephen Pass (east part). Return journey: 12 miles 2,450 ft. Highest elevation: 6078 ft. Best time to visit: late summer days, autumn

For the view of the lake, which will meet (it is, perhaps, the peak moment of the hike) along the way, you will have to sweat, but, God, how worth it. High altitude passes, reservoirs and golden foliage give this route the status of a must-see in Washington. Location: Olympic Coast. Return distance: 4 miles. Best time to visit: all year.